Concentrated eco-friendly washing-up liquid

Concentrated, pH neutral, environmentally-friendly detergent for washing dishes, silverware, and kitchen utensils by hand.

Complies with the requirements of the EU Ecolabel.

Nº Registro: ECOLABELES-EU/020/00002

Format: Caja

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  • Product contains highly biodegradable raw materials to ensure the greatest respect for the environment
  • When used in the appropriate dosage it saves money and minimises the impact on the environment, reducing the number of containers required
  • Highly foaming product with strong degreasing power
  • Can be used with both soft and hard water
  • Highly effective in removing stuck-on dirt and grease from crockery, cutlery and utensils.. The dirt remains suspended in the water
  • Provides a uniform shine for glass
  • Fully miscible in water
  • pH neutral product, does not damage hands

When used in the appropriate dosage it saves money and reduces the impact on the environment. Remove any remaining solids from the items to wash by carrying out a prewash using pressurised cold or warm water.


  • Light/medium soiling: 6ml/10L
  • Heavy soiling: 13ml/10L

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