Multi-purpose concentrated eco-friendly glass cleaner

Concentrated, scented, and environmentally-friendly detergent, for all types of surfaces.

Complies with the requirements of the EU Ecolabel.

Nº Registro: ECOLABELES-EU/020/00002

Format: Caja

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  • Product contains highly biodegradable raw materials to ensure the greatest respect for the environment
  • When used in the appropriate dosage it saves money and minimises the impact on the environment, reducing the number of containers required
  • Cleaner with a new formula based on multiple active ingredients
  • Easily and quickly cleans all types of surfaces without leaving a trace on glass and mirrors, giving them a shine and producing a clean fresh smell
  • Just as effective as any conventional product
  • Easy to use and very good coverage
  • Leaves no streaks or residue
  • Wide range of uses, suitable for all surfaces: glass, tiles, counter tops, glazed surfaces, steel, keyboards, etc.

When used in the appropriate dosage it saves money and reduces the impact on the environment. The undiluted product is applied directly onto the surface by spray or by hand. After a few seconds, wipe with a dry cloth.

In areas where spraying is not desirable, apply the product to a clean, dry cloth and wipe the surface to treat.

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