Neutral floor cleaner with bioalcohol and incorporated insecticide

Highly concentrated insecticide cleaner applicable in all types of floors with a great power of cleaning, dissolving the dirt.

Great insecticidal power that acts effectively and quickly on the insects of trawling, cockroaches, ants, spiders, lepismas, etc. with a great residual effect.

Neutralizes environmental odors for having in its composition a pleasant perfume incorporated.

Nº Registro: DGSP:18-30-09257 y HA

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  • Insecticide cleaner for crawling insects of residual effect.
  • Great effect of eviction, turning and death
  • Product indicated for daily maintenance
  • Fast dry. Excellent gloss and finish
  • Product with neutral PH, valid for all types of surfaces
  • High aromatic persistence, floral aroma
  • Wide field of application (walls, floors, etc.)
  • Product with HA register, suitable for the food industry

Application with cloth, Mop or hand spray located towards sockets and floors, of the product diluted in water. It can not be applied aerially, or on surfaces where food is handled, prepared, or served.

Food industry


Application in the food industry shall be carried out in the absence of food and at least a recommended safety period of 12 hours shall be observed before using the treated premises. All necessary measures shall be taken to ensure that food, machinery or utensils that are handled in the facilities previously treated with the product do not contain residues of any of its active ingredients.


It is done according to the degree of dirt and infestation. Approximately 50-100 cc (2 or 4 plugs) of product should be used in 10 liters of water.

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