Floor cleaner with bioalcohol and degreaser

Active degreasing cleaner for floors and walls.

Provides a perfect finish leaving a lasting, pleasant clean fragrance.

Its balanced formula increases the cleaning power of conventional floor cleaning products, effortlessly dissolving filth and grease.

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  • Product is highly concentrated, cleans and degreases all types of animal and mineral oils due to its alkalinity 
  • Strong wetting and dissolving properties, giving the product a wide range of uses
  • Suitable for all types of untreated (stoneware, etc.) and porous surfaces and flooring, removing the stuck-on dirt 
  • Long-lasting fragrance, with pine scent
  • Good value for money due to its low dosage 
  • Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly product

It can be used by spraying, soaking, immersion, manual brushing or hosing.

Cleaning floors

Soak the mop in the appropriate dilution and squeeze it out. Mop the floor.

Cleaning walls and surfaces

Use a cloth or chamois. Rub and clean the surface. Use another chamois to dry the surface.


  • Light/medium soiling: 25ml/10L water
  • Heavy soiling: 50ml/10L water


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