Scented disinfectant cleaner for hygienic-sanitary containers

Quaternary ammonium based bactericidal disinfectant for bathroom hygiene containers.

It is distinguished as not being sensitive to the presence of organic waste, it is not corrosive, and it has high moisturizing power that facilitates cleaning and reduces the necessary contact time for disinfection.

It is a product that acts quickly and effectively at room temperature by destroying the cellular walls of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Nº Registro: USO AMBIENTAL DGSP:07-20-01931 (RENOVATION)

Format: 5l

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50,49 € IVA Inc.

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  • Advantages

  • Usage

  • Security sheet

  • Cleaning and disinfecting effect
  • Strong antibacterial properties at room temperature
  • Disinfectant with environmental registration 07-20-01931 that conforms with the UNE-EN 13697 standard
  • Greater disinfecting power than bleach or similar products which only work for a few minutes
  • Degrades the organic matter that acts as a culture for micro-organisms, inhibiting the putrefaction process with the consequent deodorant and odour-neutralising effect
  • Cleaning action, emulsifying grease and organic matter to prevent them from being deposited


  • Undiluted

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