Concentrated eco-friendly anti-limescale bathroom cleaner

Concentrated and environmentally-friendly descaling cleaner. Scented, for cleaning and deodorizing toilets.

Complies with the requirements of the EU Ecolabel.

Nº Registro: ECOLABELES-EU/020/00002

Format: 5l

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  • Product contains highly biodegradable raw materials to ensure the greatest respect for the environment
  • When used in the appropriate dosage it saves money and minimises the impact on the environment
  • Its low dosage reduces the number of containers required
  • The viscosity of the product allows it to be in contact with the surface to be treated for longer, making it more efficient
  • Highly versatile product. Descaler: highly effective in removing residues from calcareous soaps, calcium and magnesium carbonates and preventing the build-up of new deposits. Rust remover: acts quickly on the remains of iron oxide. Deodoriser - acts on the dirt causing bad smells and leaves a pleasant smell.
  • Non-corrosive
  • Does not damage chrome or enamel surfaces
  • Use daily, providing good shine

When used in the appropriate dosage it saves money and reduces the impact on the environment. The dosage depends on the amount of limescale to be removed.

Using the product undiluted.. Apply and leave to work for a few minutes, wipe with a cloth and rinse with water.

In the case of strong build-ups in taps, the parts to be treated can be immersed in the undiluted product. Rinse thoroughly after leaving them immersed for half an hour.

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